Flurff Automatic Pet Feeder | FAQs

  • 1. How long is the warranty?

    We provide a one-year warranty and 30-day free returns. We provide an additional 90-day warranty after each repair. Please note that man-made problems are not counted in the scope of maintenance.

  • 2. How do I delete my voice recording?

    Please press and hold the record button for 3 seconds. Your previous voice recording would be deleted after the feeder makes a "beep" sound.

  • 3. Is my pet able to get more food by reaching the dispenser?

    No. Flurff Pet Feeder is designed in a way that pets cannot possibly reach the food inside, and make sure the pet has a certain amount of food in each meal. The pet could not be able to get more food by removing the lid themselves, as it is essential to turn the knob on the lid to open the food container up.

Cat Toy with Roller Upgrade Version | FAQ

1. Is this toy appropriate for adult cats?
Yes, of course, My 12-year-old cat loves the toy. She is allowing her younger brother (a 3-year-old cat) to share his gift with her.
2. Does this item have refill butterfly pieces to buy?
Yes, we offer butterfly refils*3, you could purchase directly.
3. Does it have two speeds, like fast or slow?
No. It only has one speed. It is the perfect speed to allow the cat to catch it every now and then.
4. Do you think this would hold up for large cats?
Both my cats are 13 pounds, super active, and not fat, but naturally large.
One of my cats is over thirteen pounds as well, and this is his favorite toy. It holds up extremely well under his 'punishment' and still looks brand new. Came with a replacement butterfly, but I haven't needed to use it yet even with two cats catching it regularly.